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    Hey all. I am in the US but bought international S7Edge when it came out. I dont know what firmware it had I think it was some italian one maybe. Then i rooted and started using custom roms. Then when nougat officially came out for S7Edge i un-rooted and went back to 100% stock using i think Vodafone 7.0 firmware. I think because i rooted i have a negative test response from Knox which i think stops me from getting OTA updates. It shows in software info that my OS version has security patch only from January 2017 so I am clearly not on latest firmware even though OTA says I am on latest.

    Is there a site with a database of all firmwares out for the S7Edge international variant So i can find the latest and flash it to my phone since OTA wont get the latest.
    08-25-2017 02:14 PM

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