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    My BIL smashed his S7 Edge screen and asked me to see what I could do about pulling the data off of it. After various frustrations, (pattern lock and dialog boxes on a screen I can't see - imagine the fun) I managed to connect to the phone and physically pulled off what I could find, but also connected it to Smart Switch for a full backup.

    I sat there and watched SS tell me it was slowly backing up all his contacts, images, music, messages, etc.

    After it was done, it still maintained that it backed up his messages, contacts, etc. but claimed it actually hadn't backed up his media (even though I watched it do so). Then, even more confusing, when I go to the backup folder, the entire directory structure is there, but one folder (Accounts/Icons) has a couple images (Google, Yahoo) in it, but everything else is EMPTY.


    1) I'm trying to figure out why it didn't actually backup the media (over 2000 pictures alone, besides vids and music)

    2) Why is everything it even agrees it backed up, empty?

    09-12-2017 10:08 AM

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