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  1. Sj1953's Avatar
    My lock screen comes o. Then right after that another screen like bubbles come on and stays tell I got something then goes back to lock screen. How do I get ride of the second screen?
    I have samsung galaxy 7 edge.
    Attached Thumbnails How to remove screen that comes on a few seconds after lock screen-img_1072.jpg   How to remove screen that comes on a few seconds after lock screen-img_1071.jpg  
    09-15-2017 09:15 PM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    You've set the Always on Display to image mode for some reason, instead of clock or calendar. Just go to settings>display>always on display and either turn it off or set it to clock.

    Always on display means you'll always have something on your screen after locking it. It never turns black, unlike older phones. The AOD can show you notification icons, clock and calendar even when the screen is supposedly off.
    09-16-2017 02:02 AM

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