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    Earlier in the moring I was using my phone as usual. Later on I had some free time so I checked facebook and then my phone just froze. After a few moments it rebooted itself and I thought it was just some crash or something. I opened facebook again and my phone shut down. It does not respond to anything.

    Tried all the button combinations, charging the phone but when I connect the charger, it doesn't respond to it. It's like dead. Went to the phone service office or something like that (where I got the phone) and they told me that I have to fix my screen since it's a little bit cracked before I can give it to technician. The cost for that is about 300 euros and it's not guaranteed that the phone itself will be fixed. I'm better off buying a new phone, but I don't have that much money. Even for the screen fix.

    So is there any way to fix it myself or maybe reinstalling something somehow would help. I just don't want to believe that something inside the phone burned out.

    P.S. I'm sure that it didn't happen because of facebook.
    10-06-2017 12:36 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! The fact that you were on Facebook was probably just coincidence. It might be a failed battery or motherboard -- it's hard to tell unless a technician opens it up.

    Try plugging it into a wall outlet and let it sit undisturbed overnight. Then press and hold Power and Vol Down for about 30 seconds. If nothing happens, wait a few seconds, then press and hold Power for another 30 seconds. If nothing happens, then I'm afraid you'd have to bring it to a repair shop or get a new phone.
    10-08-2017 12:41 AM

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