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    So a week ago, the screen went out on my Galaxy S7 Edge that I had for like 3 weeks... A little irritated about it but I bought another one which showed up yesterday. Got the new one all set to go and back to a normal life figuring Id fix the old one in the near future...

    Then fricken MAGIC happened and the phone pulled a Jesuc, FIXED itself, and has risen from the dead! So NOW I have 2 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edges! (One black and one silver)

    If you are interested here's a little more in depth of what happened:

    Last Friday it was raining out and I have my phone in a case with a screen protector on it. I think a few drops of water got on it but I thought nothing of it because its "waterproof." We go inside to a concert and I use it for awhile, take some pictures and stuff, and back in my pocket. I go to take another picture and the screen is flickering green and white lines.

    After the concert, we do some research and find out that I may have the green screen of death. So we try resetting it and nothing happens. I pressed all sorts of buttons to no avail. The next day, out of frustration, I do a hard reset and no luck. Go on ebay and buy another one. Then the phone sat on the charger all week being on and screwed up. Im sure the screen was shot because I noticed condensation underneath the screen protector. My guess is water got inside somehow...

    So yesterday I get my new phone and all of a sudden I notice the old phone screen was flickering, so I messed with it and tried to get it to a point so I could maybe recover some files, but the flickering went away and back to bad screen.

    So I move on with life and go to work today. Then I get home and I saw the clock showing on the front screen of the phone and I'm like WTF! how is this even possible!? Sure **** its all dandy and works just like it did a week ago.

    So has this ever happened to anyone? Can someone confirm that maybe water affected it somehow?
    10-13-2017 02:48 PM
  2. Dngrsone's Avatar
    It's entirely possible that a little water got in there and affected your display.

    The bad news is that you likely have corrosion in there which will only get worse as time goes by and your phone once again, permanently.
    10-13-2017 02:54 PM

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