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    Hi all,

    I have a Galaxy S7 Edge and around the beginning of this year, mutiple video apps have stopped working. ESPN, NBC Sports Live, NBC Sports Gold and MSG Go all crash within 20 seconds of opening.

    These issues started soon after an unknown system upgrade, but I don't remember when the upgrade occurred, what it entailed or when the glitches specifically happened, just that I think it was around January 2017.

    However, I have had no problems with the Fox Sports Go, Spectrum (my cable provider app which allows streaming of multiple channels) or YouTube. They all work nicely.

    I have tried cleaning the cache, uninstalling and reinstalling each of the corrupted apps, doing a partition wipe, and nothing has worked. I enabled developer options but don't seem to be able to change from dalvik to ART, as I can't figure out where to do this.

    Any ideas as to what the ESPN, NBC and MSG apps have in common on a system basis, so I can try to uninstall and reinstall?

    Or am I just going to have to go nuclear and reset the phone?

    Thanks in advance.
    11-22-2017 11:33 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Moved from the Android Apps forum to the S7 edge forum, since the former is intended for developers to promote their apps.
    11-23-2017 01:35 PM

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