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    Hi all, first time posting on here.

    To start I have a Samsung galaxy s7 edge (SG-G935W8). I got this phone in October 2016. Recently the rear-facing camera went funky and all of my images taken with the rear-facing camera started having green/purple lines on them. I figured that it was the camera itself that had broken as the front facing camera still works. There are no signs of physical damage on the camera.
    Warning; Camera failed. error-20171112_123838.jpg

    Note: The phones warranty is already voided as I had the device rooted at one point.

    So after doing some research online I got this replacement camera.
    Warning; Camera failed. error-screenshot_20171206-155714.jpg Warning; Camera failed. error-capture1.jpg Warning; Camera failed. error-screenshot_2017-12-06-21-07-13_1512619657190.jpg

    Fast forward 1 week later and it arrived. Yesterday I took the device apart following a YouTube tutorial.
    Warning; Camera failed. error-snapchat-1125183685.jpg

    After replacing the old camera and closing the device back up I turned the phone back on. Opening the camera app this is the message I am now prompted with.

    Warning; Camera failed. error-screenshot_2017-12-06-21-06-58_1512619657661.jpg

    I took the device apart again and made sure the camera was connected and placed in there snugly. Reboot, and same message. I then proceeded to clear the cache and camera data from the application manager and reboot in safe mode. Same error.

    I've watched a few other online tutorials to try and trouble shoot the "Warning: Camera failed." error. Some suggested tips were to use the MMI code *#7353# through the phone app but I am prompted with another error code.
    Warning; Camera failed. error-screenshot_20171206-212503.jpg

    From here I have no clue where to go. I tried messing around with network SIM card settings and resetting my network provider to Telus again, but that did not fix the issue with inputting MMI codes.

    If I open the phone back up and put in the old camera the camera app opens and takes images with the green/purples lines.

    At this point I have given up on the idea that I know what im doing, if anyone has any experience or idea on how to solve this issue that would be wonderful.

    Thanks, Caden
    12-06-2017 10:56 PM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    The camera may have been incompatible.
    12-06-2017 11:05 PM

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