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    Hiya =)

    I have had unbelieva~awesome experience with Lifeproof cases & wanted one for my phone when I got it. However, they don't make them for the Edge model of the Galaxy S7.
    So, I did lotsa research & found what I hoped would be the next best thing.
    Gots me a Ghostek in approximately May~ish. The back has peeled off & the screen has always had a bubbular thing going on. I sent the company photos in an email & no satisfaction.
    I do like that the ports are covered, although they're not on my new one. I know, I know. Most people don't like port covers. My klutzful~klutzidity makes them very useful for me.

    So, I just received what was my second choice back then, the Zizo Bolt with the tempered glass screen protector it comes with.
    Of course, I've dropped my phone plent with the Ghostek on it & just now, before installing the new case (with the Ghostek still on it), I dropped it & now there's a perma blurp on my screen. =( RIGHT while sitting at the table!
    Oy. 😶
    I shouldn't say, "of course". Too negatron. Also, that has nothing to do with my question. I apologize & digress.
    I have a sticker screen protector on my phone currently. It was fancy & overpriced, but I'm very protective of my phones. I'm a klutz.
    even though this may sound crazy, should I leave the sticky protector on, under the tempered glass?
    I did leave it on under my Ghostek one, which has a plasticy screen cover attached.
    Will it decrease the already frustratingly not~so~sensitive screen sensitivity (possibly cause'a the layers O' protection)?
    Will the glass one protect perfectly cromulently on its own?
    Has anyone else had experiences with these cases &/or this particular situation?

    Not that I'm only asking those people for help. 😂

    I'm asking everyone for opions & help.

    Thanksnesses for your time, help, efforts & patience.

    Take care & stuff!
    ~peace, love, happiness, healthiness, hugs & kittens~

    =J (my crooked smile~smily, for future reference)
    01-24-2018 09:34 PM

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