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    Not sure if it matters as the phone is a bit older but the issue that caused me to leave Samsung and get an LG V40 has been fixed.
    My S7 Edge, after the 2nd update for Android 8 made my phone slow and had battery issues. I tracked it back to Gear VR app. Unfortunately i could not remove it. I would force stop it and not allow it to run in background but at the end of the day the app showed 50% or more battery usage. So i made the decision to leave Samsung.
    I keep it updated as a spare. Yesterday an update was available for it.
    USA (T-Mobile)
    Tested it last night and today and battery life is better and its no longer sluggish.
    This update is not listed on the Tmobile website but Sammobile shows it there and the update came when i manually checked for an update on my phone.
    I would still be using this as my daily driver had Samsung not put out a bad update or had they let me remove the Gear VR app i didnt want.
    07-31-2019 08:10 AM

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