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    The Android version of SideSync just got an update on March 9. It was updated from v4.2.0.2 to v4.3.1.4.

    The PC version of SideSync is still v4.2.0.37.

    SideSync works fine with my Samsung Galaxy S7 which I received on Tuesday March 8.

    Just a note about SideSync. The PC does not have to be connected using WiFi. The PC just has to be on the same Local Area Network as the phone. I connected my phone using SideSync to my desktop using a wired connection to my router. I connected my laptop using WiFi. In either case the phone had to connected to the LAN using WiFi.

    Both my desktop and laptop also connected fine with SideSync by connecting to the phone using the phone's USB cable.
    03-10-2016 01:38 AM

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