1. Cakefish's Avatar
    So I've got a Clear View Cover. It's a lovely little case, looks great. Nice handy functionality. The case itself now has scratches on, which is annoying. It's not like I've been rough with it at all.

    However, more importantly, I've been reading around that it caused scratches with the S6's. I'm wondering if this is still a problem with the S7s? Is it best to switch to another case? I don't want scratches on my lovely new S7!!!
    03-12-2016 12:03 PM
  2. BillArf's Avatar
    Well, if you place a hard plastic case on most any smartphone to include the Samsung Galaxy S7, you will indeed see wear marks on the smartphone over time. I myself go with the Otterbox Commuter which has a soft rubber phone enclosure that protects the smartphone from the outer hard plastic part of the case. There are other brands of cases such as the Otterbox Commuter that offer such soft rubber protection. Sure you will not see the wear marks on the smart phone as the case hides same but when you go to resell the phone in a year or two the wear marks will affect the resale $ you will get. My friend just faced this issue when he went to sell his Samsung S5 and it had heavy wear marks on the bottom edge of the phone, thanks to the Seido kickstand case he had been using for 1.5 years.

    For the record the Otterbox Commuter for the Samsung Galaxy S7 fits great.
    03-12-2016 03:33 PM
  3. tcdude's Avatar
    I agree the Otterbox commuter is great, has the soft part to protect from scratches and the hard shell on top, I also have a soft shell clear case that really gives it a good grip

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    03-12-2016 05:42 PM
  4. Graham McCann's Avatar
    It scratches the hell out of the screen. Exactly the same as was widely reported on the S6. I returned my phone within UK 30 day period and got a new one. Considering the hassle this caused Samsung with the S6, it's kind of bizarre they've made the same design error.
    Dust gets between the screen and the plastic protector and when closed, a walking motion grinds the cover against the dust/screen and wears away at the protective coating. Mine looked terrible after only 2 weeks.


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    04-27-2016 01:28 PM

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