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    4 days now with the Edge and for all the complaints on some forums (iPhone) and even here, what is tarnation is so wrong/bad with touchwize ? I don't see any issues for me, so enlighten me guy/gals on what is it that you don't like about it ???
    03-13-2016 06:48 AM
  2. t11rmh's Avatar
    It is generally thought by a lot of people that Touchwiz is a horrible launcher.

    I've always liked it and have used it for years in all its variants.

    If there's no problem for you then enjoy it and don't listen to the detractors.

    I have tried Nova and Google launchers to see what I was missing and went straight back to touchwiz. Nothing wrong with touchwiz at all.

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    03-13-2016 07:24 AM
  3. sushiguy732's Avatar
    There's nothing wrong with TouchWiz. With that being said I do like the customizable features of some of the other launchers like Nova. For instance I don't want the email app I use, TypeApp, to be labeled as such I wanted to be labeled as E-mail. With Nova I can change the names of any of the app icons, with TouchWiz you can't.

    Other launchers are highly customizable when most stock launchers are not.

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    03-13-2016 10:57 AM
  4. russel5150's Avatar
    Touchwiz is that thing that some people hate. It has come a long way in the last couple years and for me works great.

    Part of the problem is the reviews you find on youtube and other places, reviewers making comments like "it still comes with touchwiz and not stock android".

    They make it sound like a bad thing, but to be honest some people dont want stock android, they want features made into the phone without having to download extra stuff. Touchwiz is samsungs android system, its their product on the device.

    I have had near stock android, and the thing that draws me back to samsung is the way they have their devices set up out of the box. Its not perfect, but to be honest i would prob shy away from samsung if they went stock android.

    Touchwiz seems to be that thing it's cool to complain about, but touchwiz has come a long way the last couple of years and isn't near as bad as some people try to make it sound.

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    03-13-2016 01:09 PM

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