01-21-2018 07:17 PM
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  1. cooliosam's Avatar
    I have the same problem. any body manage to solve it?????
    Ditto. Add me to the list..

    Anyone have issues with Bluetooth or wired headset? I haven't used a headset much, but I might start.

    Been on speakerphone 95% of the time. The person on the other line always says I'm breaking up in and out..
    11-05-2016 12:51 AM
  2. Montana2006's Avatar
    When I am on a call and I switch to speaker phone and vice versa the person no longer hears me!!!???? Help?
    12-09-2016 08:32 AM
  3. Joseph Lai1's Avatar
    I was able to resolve this issue by removing dust trapped in the top microphone. I poked the threading end of a needle into that small hole at the top of the phone, and removed any debris trapped inside. Voila! I was then crystal clear when I called my girlfriend with speakerphone. Hope this works for you too!
    12-18-2016 04:54 PM
  4. helenmp99's Avatar
    Same issue. Tons of background interference on normal calls, and can't be heard at all on speakerphone. Turning off advance calling helped some with the normal calls, but still can't be heard on speaker phone. Went through all the trouble shooting, including lightly trying to clean out the secondary speaker hole all the way to a hard factory reset. Seems to be a hardware issue. Turning off the advanced call feature just minimizes the impact of that bad second mic on normal calls.

    The phone is only a few months old and no visible damage. Luckily the phone is still under warranty, I'm hoping I'll have better luck with the new phone!
    12-21-2016 11:50 AM
  5. qwick's Avatar
    Have the same issue, when I talk to someone on speakerphone, they can't hear me, cuts in and out completely unusable!!

    Anyone using another rom with this phone and/or beta nougat still have this issue??
    01-23-2017 03:13 PM
  6. CanMark1972's Avatar
    Same issue. I can hear the other person fine, they can't hear me at all. The mic works because I can record my voice using other apps. Speakerphone and Google hangouts are useless with this issue.
    01-27-2017 03:56 PM
  7. aw_sea's Avatar
    Same speaker phone issue as the OP on S7. Problems out of the box since purchase in 3/2016. Exchanged it for a new device once already in 6/2017 at the place of purchase (Costco). The issue remained with the new device.

    Exchanged the 2nd device under carrier warranty today (2/2017) - am waiting to receive the new phone.

    Wondering if there's was a bad speaker mic batch of phones when S7 was just released in Spring 2016.

    Husband and I purchased at the same time. His model (black) - no issues whatsoever. My model (Gold) - speaker phone doesn't reliably work on 2 devices. Very frustrating and suspicious.
    02-27-2017 02:43 AM
  8. jzzr83's Avatar
    So there has been no official resolution for this? I still am not able to use my speakerphone on phone calls as the other party says it the sound is horrid.
    04-02-2017 08:04 PM
  9. aw_sea's Avatar
    So there has been no official resolution for this? I still am not able to use my speakerphone on phone calls as the other party says it the sound is horrid.

    A year and 3 device exchanges later (4/2017) the issue is not resolved. Turning off "advanced calling" ie VOLTE doesn't change sound quality on speakerphone. Also, contrary to suggestions prev. posted, there is no noise-cancellation option on S7. The option was discontinued with S6.

    Very dissatisfied with my s7 e,experience as speakerphone is essential to daily calling.
    04-03-2017 12:16 AM
  10. Hllander's Avatar
    Just bought this devise to replace my iPhone 5s.
    Out of the box and in the first call I made they couldn’t hear me… I said ok… “it’s new I have to set it up” so I start looking around the settings. Sometime later it stopped doing it so I finished setting it up, putted my favorite apps, transferred all my photos and contacts from my iPhone (hopefully I created a total iTunes backup before resetting to factory defaults).
    The problem is:
    a) When I make a call I can’t here (no sound at all from the other side) unless I put it on “speaker mode”. At the same time and with the speaker mode off when I press the “extra volume” button it popups "Unable to use extra volume range while earphones are connected"…WITHOUT having the earphones CONNECTED.
    b) To test it I used Samsung Voice Recorder. When I open the application, a popup at the bottom is saying: "External microphone will be used to record audio" …WITHOUT having the earphones connected again.
    And when I press the record button another popup appears "Recording with external audio"…WITHOUT having the earphones connected again.
    c) when I connect the earphone jack I listen & record nicely
    d) Sometimes popups a “The location fd://24 cannot be played
    It’s like always for some reason believes that the earphone jack is connected. Rarely works ok for some seconds but it stops pretty soon…
    I made a video with the problems. Sorry for the camera angles…


    Anybody knows if it’s a software problem/bug that can be fixed or it’s hardware?

    I don’t know… pretty disappointing, it’s too expensive to have this problems. Feels like I left macOS for windows 98 and loosing precious time again to google & fix, problems…
    04-22-2017 01:30 PM
  11. piffs's Avatar
    wrong thread
    08-20-2017 04:20 AM
  12. John De Binder's Avatar
    I just got a used s7 and first time I used the speakerphone people complained about horrible feedback. My wife's phone has the same problem. When I put the phone on mute or use ear piece or bluetooth headset the problem goes away so it has to be interaction between the speaker and the microphone.
    aw_sea likes this.
    01-20-2018 10:33 AM
  13. aw_sea's Avatar
    In support of John De Blinder's comment, I've owned S7 since the original release and was not able to address the speakerphone malfunction (after 2 replacements under warranty!). Absolutely ridiculous to not be able to use speakerphone on a $650 phone! Samsung clearly produced a batch of lemons that they sold to customers.
    01-21-2018 07:17 PM
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