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    Posting this to both vent and query if anybody else has had or is having similar issues.
    Long story short, bought the new GS7, have been a galaxy fan for some time (going back to the GS3) and have always been pleased except with the GS7. Had no issues when I first bought it and it was running Android v6.0.0 ( I believe). Seems like the update to v6.0.1 has been causing my phone to crash when using BT. Now, I decided to live with it until a new version came out and chaulk it up to a new version, new phone, yada yada. But then it started causing certain features of my phone to not work.
    -The apps button (left of the home button) stopped working.
    - I couldn't access the settings menu from the drop down
    - texts wouldn't send
    - email wouldn't send
    -Who knows what else i would have discovered if i left it in this state

    I rebooted, shutdown/turned on, cleared my cache, cleared my personal data, clear my network settings and FINALLY did a factory restore (frustrating...). I wanted to get all those troubleshooting methods out of the way before someone suggested them. Got it back to working condition after the factory reset. I then ran into the same issue again when pairing it to my bluetooth shower speaker, the phone crashed and the mentioned above stopped working again. So...

    I am wondering if anybody else has had similar issues and knows the source of the problem. Does android and samsung plan to fix this in the NEAR future? I am still within the 30 days grace period of returning my phone for a full refund and am |_| THAT close to doing it and getting the new moto X. Any feed back would be great.

    03-31-2016 11:03 AM
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    Moved to the S7 forum.
    03-31-2016 12:59 PM

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