1. bembol's Avatar
    I have over 2,500 tracks but wanted to keep things simple so I reduced it to 700.

    Now I find out only 659 tracks was copied, is this just an error or this is normal?
    04-04-2016 07:51 PM
  2. TJA3500's Avatar
    Each song could be 4 or 5 MB.
    How much storage did you have be starting transfer?
    04-14-2016 09:38 PM
  3. LanceAllan's Avatar
    I'm thinking error... I have over 3000 tracks on my sd card, you do have the room on the card right?

    Sent from my Adamantium™ S7 edge
    04-14-2016 09:42 PM
  4. dpham00's Avatar
    Which sd card did you get? And from where? It could be a fake.
    04-14-2016 10:20 PM

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