1. SuzanneLanoue's Avatar
    In March, I upgraded from the Galaxy S5 to the S7. I loved my S5, but sometime last year it started really eating up battery power. I fixed that, largely, by reading up on ways to save battery power, such as turning off the automatic light feature, turning off GPS, and putting it into Power Saving Mode. Then a few months later, it started having worse problems, such as hanging up during phone calls and just being really slow when I was trying to surf the web or use other apps.

    One day with the new phone, the battery power seemed to get eaten up pretty quickly (perhaps I didn't plug it in well enough or something?) so I put it into power saving mode again. Well, turns out that they've changed the power saving mode feature so that now if you do this, it really messes up your phone's usage. I found out today that it turns off the syncing. I went to use my calendar and saw that it had not synced. After trying many things to fix it, finally I turned off the power saving mode and now it finally has synced. I've been having this other problem, and hopefully turning off power save mode will fix that, too.

    This is the other problem: When I'm using my apps like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, I get errors like "can't refresh feed" or "can't load, retry". Like there's a connection problem. The only solution was to close all the apps and open them one at a time again. I had taken it into the Verizon store a few times and first they reset the connection settings, that didn't help...so then they put in a new sim card. That seemed to help at first, but now it's doing it again. So hopefully turning off power saving mode will fix that.

    It's so annoying, though. I hate when they change things! Mostly I like the new phone and the camera is way better.
    04-07-2016 01:01 AM
  2. dizzle16's Avatar
    I never owned a galaxy s5, and for that I'm thankful. Nothing was impressive about that device

    Posted via the Android Central App and my Galaxy S7
    04-07-2016 01:37 AM
  3. Toto39's Avatar
    You'll get those errors when you are on powersavings mode. Many apps won't refresh their Internet sync while on battery saving
    04-07-2016 03:16 AM

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