1. kelela92's Avatar
    What would you do?

    I was having issues with my fingerprints, the stupid SD card notification, and battery draining super fast if not charged to 100%. Since I was out of the 14-day window, VZW did the warranty exchange where they basically sent me a refurb.

    The fingerprint issue must be me, because I'm having the same issue. I redid them at least 3x each and still the same thing. Darn my fingers. The SD card notification finally went away after a few hours and hasn't come back. Battery issue is being tested and I'm also seeing how the new (not the refurb) is still doing on battery too.

    I have factory reset both phones a total of 6 times. I have fully set up my phone 3 times. So sick and tired of setting it up over and over again. I also lost my Samsung gift card for using Samsung Pay since I did the factory reset. Need to see if I can get that back.

    The box said I have 5 days to return my new phone, but if I'm going to have the same issues, I'd rather return the refurb. My battery issue didn't show up for at least a week or two in. Ugh!

    How would you play this out if it was you?
    04-07-2016 03:28 PM
  2. nahoku's Avatar
    I don't own an S7, but if it were me, I would consider a few things.

    1) Are you sure the replacement phone VZW gave you is a refurb? The S7 is new, so I wouldn't think there would be too many refurbs available. Does the box say its a refurb?
    2) If you keep the refurb phone, and it starts giving you problems down the line, you can always say "Look here, VZW, you gave me a bad phone as a replacement for my new phone!"... and maybe VZW will give you another one without much hassle!
    3) If all the problems you were having on your original phone is attributed to something you've done, then I would just keep the original phone. Things you've done includes apps you've installed that may attribute to your bad battery life.
    4) As for fingerprints... try to register your prints "lightly" so you don't distort your fingers. If you register with too much pressure, you'll need to unlock with the same pressure and distort your prints the same way. Register your prints lightly and see if that makes it work better.
    5) Don't know what SD notification you're talking about, or what kind of problem it's giving you. You might want to explain that a little more. Then again, might be an S7 or MM thing.
    6) Don't know nothing about the Samsung gift card, but you might call/contact Samsung to see what can be done
    7) Yes, factory resets are a PITA!

    If it were me, and after reading what you've experienced, I would keep the original phone... as long as it seems to be working now. I have a feeling this is what your really want to do since you paid for a new phone and not a refurb.
    04-07-2016 09:49 PM
  3. anon(7775)'s Avatar
    you can go look for the email giving you the gift card and re download it or if you can't find it Samsung will restore it for ya
    04-08-2016 12:32 AM

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