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    I've had the Galaxy s7 for a couple weeks now. I'm noticing that random sounds stop working. A lot. I use the stock clock app for a daily alarm both in the morning and afternoon. Multiple times the alarm has gone off, but with no sound causing me to oversleep in the morning. The one in the afternoon I have watched pop up with the notification but completely silent. I have to restart my phone to get the alarm sounds back on. I notice that this issue affects some games as well. The weird thing is that I won't cause the game to go completely silent but just some of the sounds associated with the game. For instance, in candy crush, the sound of the candies breaking will not be there but the music will still be playing. If I explode a wrapped candy, the first explosion will play but the sound of the second one won't. The voice in cc soda will disappear. It's just these random sounds within a game, not the entire array of game sounds. At any rate, it is annoying and the alarm sounds are by far the most annoying as it is causing me to oversleep. I shouldn't have to restart my phone several times a day to get the sound working properly. I HAVE taken to restarting my phone right before I go to bed just to make sure that all is well for the morning alarm but I never had to fool with that with my s5. Any ideas why this is happening or suggestions on what to do to fix it?
    04-08-2016 07:23 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! This kind of thing can be a little hard to figure out. I'd try Safe Mode, which disables all 3rd party apps. If the problem goes away, then something you installed is causing the problem--but the challenge then is to figure out which app. You typically have to uninstall apps one by one until the behavior goes away in normal mode. Obviously, you can't test it out on games in Safe Mode, since they're 3rd party apps--but you should be able to see if the alarms still malfunction.

    If the problem persist in Safe Mode, then it's more likely a firmware or hardware issue. Let us know if it persists, and we can go from there. https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-25053

    Another quick thing to try is to Unmount the SD card (if present--go to Settings>Storage for that function). Corrupt SD cards can cause various odd problems.
    04-08-2016 01:36 PM

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