1. dgs2001's Avatar
    Hi there,

    I had a Galaxy S5, now I have an S7. The email app on the S7 keeps re-syncing the same emails.

    On the S5, my IMAP accounts worked great, if I deleted an email from the samsung stock email app, the email goes into the trash bin on my phone and does not re-appear in the inbox.
    On the S7 if I delete an email from the inbox it goes into the trash folder but then re-appears in the inbox as well.
    If I delete the email again on the S7 it goes into the trash folder again.

    Please help, I currently have 14 emails from yesterday which have multiple copies in the trash folder and are still syncing to the inbox.

    Thanks dgs2001
    04-12-2016 02:16 AM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    Which email account are you using? Gmail? Yahoo?
    04-12-2016 11:48 PM
  3. dgs2001's Avatar
    Hi there,

    I am using ONE.COM email hosting.

    The settings are all correct. Samsung have now acknowledged that android 6 does not work with their default email app.

    The tech guy has said the workaround is to just use a different email app, like mymail or the Gmail app. Neither of which I like.

    They tell me that they hope a future update around the end of June will fix this problem. In the meantime the stock undeletable samsung email app is basically unusable.

    Despite this major flaw I still like the phone.

    Thanks dgs2001
    04-23-2016 12:26 PM
  4. imasiren's Avatar
    What exactly are you asking for help with? There's not much to do if there's a problem on their end. I think a lot of apps are trying to adjust to marshmallow. I mean it's either stick it out or find a new email service.
    04-23-2016 10:11 PM
  5. dgs2001's Avatar
    Hi imasiren.

    Initially i was asking for help with an email problem.
    My second post was more to help others who may be suffering the same.

    Rather than scratch their heads, people will be able to understand that this is a known issue with no current solution. Not a user or settings error.

    Thanks dgs2001
    04-24-2016 04:03 AM
  6. dgs2001's Avatar
    Samsung email app still not able to delete emails on the S7.

    Samsung email app still cannot be removed either!
    07-02-2016 09:58 AM

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