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    So, in short, yes you can. But, since I went through all the trouble to find out, I thought I would share so that others could benefit from my experience on what I did and know what to expect.

    Prior to switching to the S7, I wanted to know if I could swap the Iphone's 5S nano sim with Samsung's nano sim, considering that they were the same size, and on the same network. The reason we were wanting to know is because the buy one get one offer required that we get a new line and keep it open for 6 months. We wanted to use the new number on the old Iphone and the old number on the Samsung S7. Unfortunately, I was only able to find one website that said it could be done (sorry, couldn't find the website again), but 3 in-store reps and 2 phone reps said that I wouldn't work. That didn't make sense to me so I had to try it on my own.

    A short way of knowing would be to go into the Verizon store and just swap them out and see if it would work. But, since we're all busy professionals, my wife is the one with the iPhone, and she, bless her heart, cringes at anything that has to do with anything beyond extremely basic technical know-how, I had to figure this out on my own. The good thing is that we already knew that, regardless, we were going to get the S7s so at least this wasn't a deal breaker.

    When I received the S7 in the mail, the first thing I did, after charging it, was swap out the sims before ever turning it on. I turned on both devices and low and behold, both loaded up, recognized the network, and worked just fine. Texting, calling, and LTE worked without issue. I then swapped them back to where they were originally and the continued to work just fine.

    Hope you found this post useful.
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    04-30-2016 10:44 AM

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