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    So I got my galaxy about a month ago and so far it's been "ok" at best. My usage on my galaxy revolves around snapchat and so far that's been my biggest problem. My first galaxy s7 came defective and overheated and the battery drained insanely fast and when I got my replacement I guess it wasn't as bad. The phone only gets hot when I'm in snapchat and the battery also drains really fast, probably going down 30 percent every 12-15 minutes, but ONLY in snapchat. If I stay away from the app my phone performs like Samsung quality, with very nice battery life and a cool temperature experience. I've tried factory resetting and that hasn't worked either. My phone is the Verizon model and it's fully updated with the latest firmware. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue or is it purely on snapchat's bad optimization.
    05-14-2016 10:45 PM

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