1. ssj100's Avatar
    By default, Video stabilisation is enabled for my phone. However, I've noticed at least two bugs/issues with it enabled. Since I'm not noticing any significant benefit from it, I've disabled it.

    Here are the two issues with it so far (with Video stabilisation enabled):
    1. When recording video (eg. in FHD), sound recording continues for about 1 second after video recording stops. In order to reproduce this convincingly (or make it more obvious to illustrate the issue), ensure you're moving the phone all the time while video recording, and ensure there's noise occurring all the time (obviously especially at the end and for a few seconds after you stop recording). Disabling Video stabilisation fixes this issue.
    2. Zooming effect at the start of video recording - may mean you miss parts of what you actually want to record at the start. Of course, even with Video stabilisation disabled, you still need to set the camera at 16:9 resolution to prevent the zooming effect completely (several threads on the internet about this already).

    Anyone else have experience with this? Can you reproduce the above issues?
    06-04-2016 04:13 PM
  2. ssj100's Avatar
    A third issue I've noticed is that with Video stabilisation enabled, when there's a lot of phone movement, there sometimes is an attempted "smoothing" effect which results in the appearance of "frame skipping". Not sure if I'm using the right terms! Anyway, Samsung really need to fix and/or optimise this feature for it to be of any use/benefit. In fact, it's causing several significant issues. My recommendation is to ensure it's disabled for now.
    06-04-2016 05:58 PM

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