Any suggestions??? Bug - bought S7 -set up business email as POP3 (yahoo small business with email on Yahoo server) thru email that comes with S7. Want all my emails from my email account on phone (just under 2Gs) (won't bore you with why-please just accept having them on workstation not OK). First time on home WIFI when set email acct on new phone last night should have downloaded all emails so that when go out and switch to my mobile carrier phone would just have to download new emails when syncs every 15 minutes. If phone needs to download emails over and over to view them all, would take forever and data cost would be enormous. My old Blackberry did this perfectly - downloaded all first time, then every 15 minutes just downloaded new when synched and could just flick thru them. Read that in prior Samsung S (did not own one) used to have setting in sync to set "period of time" to sync - in S7 now asks "how many emails to load"- even if set on TOTAL does not seem to be willing to download all my emails to the phone. Only loaded three months emails then went back while phone still on, and only one month shows. Whole purpose of Pop3 is to download ALL emails in an email account. Then when you delete an email on phone it is deleted from phone and server (if set that way). Any fix for this anyone knows? If this just a limit in the native email app in phone or in Android OS so in all phones? If just this app anyone know an email app for non-exchange and exchange servers that will permit you to download ALL emails in email account set as POP3? Perhaps new Microsoft Outlook app although read can't view Inboxes separately.
    06-25-2016 03:22 PM

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