1. kellyjsox's Avatar
    Does anyone know where on the phone the stock notification tones are kept?

    The reason I'm looking for this is that I'm trying to get around the current unresolved Twitter issue where you can't change the notification tones. Someone on another thread suggested using an app called ES File Explorer, which allows you to change the tones an app uses. But to do that, you need to be able to find the file of the tone you want.

    I've looked high and low and can't figure out where these files are stored on my device. Someone in a Motorola thread said they're under /system/media/audio/ -- but I can't find a "system" folder.

    07-27-2016 02:42 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Unless you're rooted, you can't do that. You can ADD your own notification tones (they should be in a folder named 'notifications', usually), but the system notification sounds are locked away.
    07-27-2016 03:02 PM
  3. razzell2's Avatar
    Same problem. Using ES File Explorer to keep my notification sounds fro reverting back to that coverall verizon sound.
    I found them once but cannot find them again, after an OS update.
    Not rooted.
    I know it will work cuz ive done it b4, but now i cant find the folder that holds all of these stock sounds. Like "knock", etc.
    02-04-2017 09:22 AM

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