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    I see similar questions on here and the internet, but not 100% with the same issue.
    I tried a lot of fixes and couldn't get it to work, or download (ZAR couldn't install .net framework 3).
    Ok, here's the problem...
    I went to Jamaica for a funeral and took lots of pictures and videos of my family members who I haven't seen in ages. They were playable on my phone, but I ran out of storage and couldn't open my gallery anymore unless I deleted some files. Rather than do that, I decided to move (yes...move) them to my SD card since it was 128GB (I didn't have them go automatically to the SD card because it was a new phone, and I forgot that I didn't choose that option.)
    Well, I was in the airport trying to see them, and realized that most of them were not working.
    At home, I see that they have different mb, but no time for the video length. I know there is data there, but I can't get them. I really want those videos back. They were from a funeral. The issue is that I think that they aren't corrupted, because the repair tools I found have found nothing to repair, and the chkdsk finds nothing too. I see them there, but they say that they can't play that format, or that the file may be corrupted.
    Any help would be wonderful.
    Please help me! I really want to get these files back.
    Even if I could bring it somewhere, that would be helpful. I live in NYC, so I can travel to different stores that could help if I know what types of stores to look for if programs won't help me.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S7
    I tried
    video repair tool (gs) (splicing a copy of the videos together and trying to fix it with the demo that only fixes 50%)
    file repair
    rising research digitial video repair (dvr)
    Mp4 video recovery tool
    command prompt CHKDSK
    Moved (YES moved) pictures and videos from Internal Storage to SD card and won't play-cmd.png

    all of them said that there was nothing to repair...

    couldn't download
    so I didn't try that.

    I saw a suggestion to move them back to the internal storage, and did that too, and they didn't re-appear in my gallery.

    Even if you don't have a program, but a solution I can try, or a store I can bring it to that can fix it, I'd really love your help. Thank you in advance. I haven't even tried to fix the pictures yet, the videos are the main ones I want right now since they captured the essence of my family.

    EDIT: I am currently using Windows 10, so if you have a program that I can use on that to try to fix it, that would help since I don't have a mac.

    My phone isn't rooted and it's boost mobile (if that info will help)

    The pictures in question were taken underwater and at the beach, but it's water resistant, and there were no issues with the phone other than that. I didn't have any issues with the pictures until I decided to move them to the SD card while at the airport...I really should have left them alone and just gotten them from my phone when I got home as I had originally decided to do. I took a lot of videos of my family who I haven't seen in over 6 years, and my family who hasn't been together in ages. It was quite a memorable event, and I'm really sad that those pictures but mainly videos may be lost forever. The videos are in MP4 format and the pictures are in JPG format. The videos are what I really want more than anything. The images say "This is not a valid image file" if I try to upload them to here as an example)

    Moved (YES moved) pictures and videos from Internal Storage to SD card and won't play-windows.png

    properties of a working mp4
    Moved (YES moved) pictures and videos from Internal Storage to SD card and won't play-properties-working-mp4-2.png

    Moved (YES moved) pictures and videos from Internal Storage to SD card and won't play-properties-working-mp4.png

    properties of a non-working mp4
    Moved (YES moved) pictures and videos from Internal Storage to SD card and won't play-properties-non-working-mp4-2.png

    Moved (YES moved) pictures and videos from Internal Storage to SD card and won't play-properties-non-working-mp4.png
    08-02-2016 09:39 AM
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    Have you tried unmounting the card, removing it from the phone, and see if your PC can read them?
    08-02-2016 09:52 AM
  3. brownkity's Avatar
    Yes. Unfortunately the pc can't play them. I added a few pictures to help you see the issue. They keep saying the file is in an unsupported format (but they're in mp4) I'm assuming it's because I moved the files from the internal storage to the SD card. I can view the files, but they just won't play, and say they're unsupported, and don't have a length or resolution. I really want them back. I regret moving them now, but I'd love to be able to get them back.
    The computer sees them, and knows that they are mp4 and jpg, but won't play or open them.
    08-02-2016 10:15 AM

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