1. allykat_08's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I just purchased a brand new S7 this week, an upgrade from my S5. I had no problems pairing and using my old phone with my focus. I have deleted the S5, and paired my new S7, and my car recognizes my new phone, it downloads the phone book, and will read out text messages, however when I go to make or receive calls, I can't hear them. I can tell my bluetooth to "call mom on cell". It hears me and begins the call, I see it doing its thing on my phone, but I never hear it over my blue tooth speakers. I have had to hit the privacy button every time to then talk on my phone, which defeats the purpose of blue tooth... anyone else having this issue and know how to fix it? I've deleted and repaired my phone from my focus twice with no changes

    09-09-2016 07:10 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    When the phone is connected via Bluetooth, go to Settings>Bluetooth, and select the car system. Is Phone Audio checked on? Also, do you have anything else that might have already been connected to the phone via Bluetooth before you entered the car, like a headset or a smartwatch?
    09-10-2016 02:50 AM
  3. allykat_08's Avatar
    Phone audio is checked on, and the only thing connected to my phone is my fitbit, but it was connected before with my s5 with no issues.
    09-10-2016 04:28 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Ok, sorry for this silly question, but the call volume is turned all the way up when you're trying to make or receive the call, right?
    09-11-2016 02:00 AM
  5. allykat_08's Avatar
    Not a silly question... the volume is all the way up. Even more frustrating part of this story, my media works... I listened to music off of my phone over Bluetooth on my way to work today, but calls still don't work
    09-11-2016 08:08 PM
  6. Jay Sacks's Avatar
    I have had similar issues with my focus sync system and phones in the past. You may need to do a reset on the sync system. I would then re-pair the phone and the ford sync without your watch in the picture. Once you have it working, then reintroduce your watch. Gremlins!
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    09-11-2016 08:15 PM
  7. monicakm's Avatar
    Which version of Sync do you have and are you sure it's up to date? If it is and you've done everything you can think of, try giving Sync ts a call. They've helped me in the past
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    09-11-2016 09:27 PM

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