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    I have a rather weird problem and I'm not sure if I should trust the guys I brought my phone into.

    Basically it started when i came home. I plugged my phone into charger when it was at about 12% battery. When i came back 2 hours later it has the light blue screen Downloading do not turn off target. ( I never rooted my phone or anything)

    I tried to restart etc using home, power and volume down. Then volume down to decline OS update and it would keep going back to the download mode.

    I tried to connect it to my pc while in the mode but PC only recognized a usb device was plugged in.

    Anyway I brought it to the shop. While going there i assumed the battery died. We plugged it in and the charging indicator didn't show it was charging (battery image animation just stayed still)....When they first looked at the phone they told me dead battery and I explained the original issue and brought the phone back to the odin mode using home, power and volume down.

    Anyway....long story short....They think its a battery and software problem but the battery thing sounds fishy to me.

    A couple questions:

    Will a S7 in Odin mode still show the actual charging animations after it has ran out of power?

    Any other ideas?
    09-13-2016 04:30 PM

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