1. anken's Avatar
    I finally sold my beloved Gs4 and upgraded to the new Galaxy s7 . I'm very happy with this one also. It took a little getting used to Marshmallow but everything is working great.
    My question: Is there a way to enlarge the screen size for typing a text message? In Gs4 it was much larger. I have looked through all of the Message Settings on Gs7, but can't find anything about the text screen size. Maybe I'm missing something.... It is annoying when I can't see my whole message only after it has been sent. This way I can't see if I have to make any text changes when it "corrects" me.
    I appreciate any suggestions you might have. Thanks in advance.
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    09-16-2016 12:30 AM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    I'm not sure if what you're saying is translating correctly. The screen size is static, it's hardware. Plus the S4 at 5inches has a smaller screen than the S7 which has 5.2inches. It's like the screen size of your TV. If you want a bigger screen you buy a new one. Or are you referring to font size?
    09-16-2016 12:48 AM
  3. anken's Avatar
    I didn't make myself clear...sorry. What I meant is the size of the "bubble" where the text is entered, which is only a small area on the bottom of the whole screen. The biggest portion of that screen (when texting) shows the previous text. I would like to have the small area for entering the text enlarged.
    Is this possible? Thanks for repy, chachan05
    09-16-2016 01:17 AM
  4. chanchan05's Avatar
    Nope you can't. But you can scroll the text. Or you can use a different SMS app.
    09-16-2016 01:34 AM
  5. anken's Avatar
    Thank you for your suggestion to use another SMS app. I have looked at Migthtytext.net. From what I could see, the usable area for entering the text to be sent is still very small. I know that I can scroll down but I sure would like to have the whole message overview. For me it's too easy to miss any mistakes that need to be corrected before sending. IMO, the texting was easier with the Gs4. With Gs7 it's the "new and improved" version.
    Too bad....I guess, nobody else seems to have an issue with the small texting window.
    chanchan05, do you or anybody else happen to know of any other SMS app with a larger writing text window?
    Again, thank you for your help.
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    09-17-2016 12:33 PM
  6. Edgar Basilio1's Avatar
    Pinch in and out on the messages as if you were doing it to a photo and the text on the message bubbles will increase and decrease
    09-17-2016 07:51 PM
  7. Sam_Gs7's Avatar
    @anken: I own a SGs7 and Yes! the Typing SMS=Short Message Service
    known also as "Text-Message" is shorter that Previous models: They
    removed the "Text Bubble" as well..A nonsense change-?

    what I do is Turn the Screen on landscape position. As we know the
    Typing field doesn't has toBe bigger, since the SMS only allows
    type 160-Characters: Try-1 of those magic Text Msge apps
    09-17-2016 10:38 PM
  8. chanchan05's Avatar
    Handcent SMS has a 'Full Text Editor' mode which turns the entire screen into the SMS entry screen. That would do what you want. Handcent has good features. I used to use it a lot. It just doesn't support the S7 dual sim properly hence I stopped using it. Not sure if Go SMS has it, but that one is chock full of ads.
    09-17-2016 10:49 PM
  9. anken's Avatar
    Thank you for everybody who took the time to reply with suggestions. I have looked at Handcent and I will keep it in mind. It looks like a nice app.
    At this point, I think my best bet it to turn the screen to landscape position. Much better!! Why didn't I think of that before?
    Again, thank you and also thank you for this very useful forum.
    09-18-2016 06:57 PM
  10. sarah z1's Avatar
    Hi. I have a SG9+. I have the same question. The text bubble does allow me many characters, but I can only see 4 lines at a time (and have to scroll). After reading your question, I went back to some recent texts. I had a pretty long text scheduled for tomorrow. I was able to press "view all" and view the entire text. I tried pressing the little clock on the side of the text. I chose "edit message". It brought me back to the 4 lines.
    So you can try it (schedule the message and send it) and see if it helps to see the whole message without being able to edit it in that screen. One if the features I like most is to be able to schedule messages. Wonder if the other apps have that option.
    05-29-2018 01:42 AM
  11. cyberdman's Avatar
    Pinch to zoom only makes the text in the sent/received bubbles bigger. The OP wants the text entry field to be bigger. Try texting in Landscape is the only thing you can do with the built-in text apps... or just get used to it.
    05-30-2018 07:54 AM

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