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    When I am on my S7's home screen the notification bar is larger than when I am in an app. It elongates downward in almost double the size but only the dedicated portion to notification actually is in use the other half rests in the background and alters the color of my black background to a light gray. Also when holding the power button to restart the phone I get strange gray outlines around the app icons and widgets. It only shows on lower brightness and only on my home/lock screen when I apply a wallpaper that is not the stock wallpapers using the gallery app. When I change the wallpaper from the wallpaper section in the settings it does not appear on the homescreen but remains on the lock screen and after copying the screenshots to my laptop the issue isn't as clear as viewing the screenshots on my phone because my laptop's brightness can't get as low as my s7. I was wondering if this was a software issue or should I worry about it being some hardware flaw. Thank you for your help.
    10-13-2016 02:55 PM

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