1. Be-am's Avatar
    I'm poor at technical English but I've always noticed mobile cams to have smaller objects in view than in real life. But not just that, it's like it has an offset.

    Like the depth view is wrong.. and I believe this can be true for some professional cameras as well, but I don't know.. Its like the dimensions is wrong. Y and X length, hight and breadth is not symmetrical with real life.

    So in real life if I look at sticks a long the road with 1 meter in distance between them... then the 10th would be 10 meters away. That's what I mean by depth view.

    Now on a camera. If I place the camera into my face, the first stick would look like it's 2 meters away.. and the stick wouldn't look as high... but the second stick wouldn't be 4 meters away... but perhaps, 5 meters.. its like the distance expands in an unnatural way, the hight is to small and the depth too long and width to large..

    Am I right or wrong?
    12-26-2016 05:06 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    That's not phones, it's not electronic cameras, it's optics. The stronger (more telephoto) the lens, the shorter the distance between near and far seems - in the picture. That's just how optics works.

    It's the same in "real life" if the distance is great enough - you see constellations in the sky, but one star may be thousands of lightyears farther than another one - in what appears to be the "same constellation" - except that the farther one is actually an entire galaxy. But we don't see that.
    12-26-2016 05:18 PM
  3. Be-am's Avatar
    Its like in a game when you change pixels and stuff the hallway may get taller and thinner or shorter and wider.. this again creates the illusion that you are running fast or slow.. (the distance seems farther or closer)

    And this I mean is the case with lenses or cameras..

    Know what I mean?
    12-26-2016 05:27 PM
  4. Be-am's Avatar
    Here is an example

    When I look at the houses in my street the house on the far end left looks like almost half the size of the nearest house.. if I hold a messurepen infront of my eyes and messure it seems about right.

    Yet on this picture the far off house is more like 1/4th of the nearest house...

    Theres a + side to this though.. If I'm right.. cuz it looks like Ive been shoveling a longer road. Lol
    12-27-2016 01:52 PM
  5. ded1945's Avatar
    The term for what you see is called perspective. The picture posted above looks to be in proper perspective to me.
    12-28-2016 07:36 AM
  6. Be-am's Avatar
    Yeah.. it looks that way on the picture. But I believe the perspective is totally wrong.
    12-28-2016 11:54 AM

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