1. anon(9708869)'s Avatar
    I'm going to be switching back aand forth on one SIM card depending on my mood. If you have both and do this via one SIM card, is it a pain in the *** or relatively smooth? The one thing I worry about is iMessage to SMS and back. Will I need to deregister imessage each time? I'll likely be switching weeks at a time. Any thoughts or experiences with going from OS to OS and back would be helpful. Thanks.
    12-26-2016 05:53 PM
  2. TimSuds's Avatar
    I do this and it's been painless to switch back and forth.

    It is necessary to disable iMessage when switching to the S7. I just leave it disabled all the time so I don't forget.

    I'm on Verizon and have installed messages+ and it saves all text messages to both phones.
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    12-26-2016 06:28 PM
  3. TwitchyPuppy's Avatar
    You don't need to deregister iMessage. Just disable it along with FaceTime, since deregister is to be used if you forgot to disable those.
    12-26-2016 09:09 PM

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