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    Hi there ! Thanks for you time reviewing and posting all available screen protectors for the S7 last year.
    I am about to purchase 2 glass screen protectors for my S7 and I thought it would be nice to add to your already long list of comments. posts and threads one year after the S7 release.

    What I understand is that with the S7 curved screen it is very hard to find the perfect fit unless you go for a "Full Glass Cover", while The "partial coverage" is meant for the glass to be protected while being able to use a case without damaging the corners of the glass protector. Most reviewers well renowed sites have commented about this. It would be wonderful if you could include this information in your official thread comments. I am not a Glass screen protector specialist, but have been using Samsung since their S3. I own a S3, S4 and two S7.

    So far here's my top list (taken from 3 reviewers sites), but since I am about to purchase one of them, I will have to come back for a complete review of the ones I choose.
    Like I said above, since I am also going to protect my S7 with a case, I am looking for a strong glass protector with great full or partial coverage so that my case will snugly fit with it. So far I haven't found any FULL glass protection that has a snug fit with a case that is affordable and that has great reviews, all the ones that have full coverage without being damaged on the medium - long run with the removal of the case is at least in the 40$ and above. So, what would be the advantages of putting a full coverage protection that costs at least 40$ when combining with a protective case?

    I have bought in the past the Otterbox military case for my S4 but because I had to undo it to access the SD card it was kinda of hard to put back together. I don't use it on regular basis unless I go in the sand, water, etc. Now even if I don't like the fact that we can't change the battery easily on the S7, we can now easily access the SD card slot without having to remove and expose the back of the phone.

    Since it is water resistant (be careful some people say it is waterproof which is not the case for the S7....you have to use a waterproof case with it if you are going to use it under water or even for a period of time in the shower....the water resistance is good for rain and other water splash "incidents" and I doubt that the 1.5 meter mentionned in their specs will be honored warrenty wise, they will debate your usage for sure and in my experience with warrenty or extended warranty is that you better have pictures, witnesses and prepare yourself with a "small claim" or "consumer protection office" debate (in Canada), any other use without a full warrenty waterproof casing would void your warrenty ! I would love to hear back from people that had "water incidents" and how it was dealt with by either Samsung or their service providers.

    So this all being said, here goes for my list of potential buys for Glass Screen Protectors :

    1) CellBee Galaxy S7 Glass Screen Protector - 7.99 $ - not available at this moment ! grrrrr
    2) Tech Armor UltraClear Premium Ballistic Glass - 7.99$
    3) Full protection with apparently enough room to still use a case = AcePower Galaxy S7 Glass Screen Protector - 7.99$ - can't find a store that ships to Canada - any help would be appriciated.
    4) Armorsuit MilitaryShield® Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Protector - 45$
    5) Zagg (Original, HD, Glass curved - 3 models) - 14.99$ - 19.99$ - 44.99$
    6) Spigen® Premium [Curved Crystal Film -3 Pack] Ultra Clear [Full Coverage] Screen Protector Lifetime Warranty - 12.99$
    7) IQ Shield® LiQuidSkin (2-Pack Case Friendly) Full Coverage Screen Protector HD Clear Anti-Bubble Film - with Lifetime Warranty - 57.54$

    Do you have others to add to this list ? That you tried and that was a good fit with a protective case ? If yes, please post your Glass Screen Protector with the Case protector you used, I guess it would be a great thread to have and to finally assess what is good out there after a year of experiences.

    Like I said, I will come back and post what I have purchased with vendor shipping feedback and all the gimmicks of installing it or them
    01-08-2017 02:50 PM
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    A couple of points regarding your post.

    IP68 water resistant rating specifies a depth of 5 ft for 30 min. There is no difference between water resistant and water proof, just wording. S7 has been tested and certified water resistant to those parameters.

    I have used 4 water resistant phones since the Sony Z1 and never had a problem. Simple....don't bend the phone and damage the seal .... keep the opening covers clean and free from dirt and hair and stay away from salt water and chlorine. Most water damage warranty issues are from misuse.

    I use my S7 in the water all the time with no problem....in fact every time I visit my grandson he insists I put my S7 under the kitchen tap and give it a good soaking.

    You buy a costly premium phone , but want excellent screen protection for peanuts. I use a glass protector from ishieldz which cost $40 Cdn and is worth every penny. Covers perfect to curve drop off with no" halo" and is case friendly. The best feature is the anti smudge oleophobic coating which doesn't leave greasy fingerprints.Best I've ever seen.

    I also use cases that have proud lip at the front to protect the screen. My choice for the S7 is the Griffin Survivor Journey and Survivor Clear.
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    01-10-2017 08:06 AM
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    Hi H2oflyer !

    Thanks for your reply and sharing your experience with the waterproof feature of the S7. It's great to read that it is truly waterproof in all kinds of conditions.

    I am still interested to hear back from people that had water damaged issues in Canada and to know if their claim went easy or if they had to fight their way to have a replacement phone or repair under their warranties. I personally had water issues with a previous device and had to spend many hours and $ to have my warranty and rights honored.

    This being said : When you write "You buy a costly premium phone , but want excellent screen protection for peanuts" I wonder where in my post I stated that I wanted to buy a screen protection for peanuts....hahaha ! I took the time to list all the different options that were a summary of highly recommended protections by experts for the S7 and asked our community members what their experience were. So it would have been nice of you to share your choice without the condescendant tone in your reply.

    My questions regarding cost were very clear and not pertaining to your comment :

    "So, what would be the advantages of putting a full coverage protection that costs at least 40$ when combining with a protective case? "
    "Do you have others to add to this list ? That you tried and that was a good fit with a protective case ? "

    This is a wonderful forum for all members to share their experiences and ask for help and advice when needed, it would be nice for us to keep a respectful and engaging tone when we reply or address to other members, and this is just my opinion, people will take it or leave it and wear the hat if it fits
    02-12-2017 02:39 PM
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    Hello all,

    Here's what I finally purchased for my 2 Samsung S7 :

    Screen protectors :

    Amazon Canada : Galaxy S7 Screen Protector, Spigen® Premium [Curved Crystal Film -3 Pack] Ultra Clear [Full Coverage] Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 [Lifetime Sold by Spigen CANADA

    Cost : 25.98 $CAN (+ tx)

    Will eventually post a little video when I installed it on my phone, when I get my ON/OFF button malfunction resolved. Because I am waiting for a replacement from Samsung, I might have to reinstall a new one.

    Wallet Cases (since we already owned other protective cases and wanted to try these new cool wallet cases)

    Amazon Canada - Galaxy S7 Case, J&D [Wallet Stand] Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallet Case Heavy Duty Protective Shock Resistant Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 (Aqua)

    Cost : 14.95$ CAN (+ tx)
    Opinion : The phone was dropped in a staircase and went from second floor to first quite fast and was in this protective case. Not only did the phone "survived" but it has no damage whatsoever and the case didn't show any tear or weakness after this event. Even if it's only a "wallet case", it is quite sturdy and the design is nice. Here were the vendor promises and they all passed the "test" with an A

    • Synthetic PU leather with shock absorbent rubberized TPU snap-on case for Drop Protection : staircase incident test passes with honors
    • Built-in stand for horizontal media view : very functionnal and the angle is good.
    • Folio Style Wallet Case: 3 card slots for carrying ID, cash and credit cards : very practical when you don't want to carry more than the necessary cards, like driver's licence, medicare card, bank card and a couple of folded 10s and 20s.
    • Precise cutouts for complete access to all ports, buttons, cameras, speakers, and mics. : Yes the cutouts are a perfect fit.

    Amazon Canada : Navor JOOT1 Series Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallet Case with Magnetic Detachable Cover - Black (S7O1LBK)

    Cost : 15.50 $ CAN (+ tx)

    Here were the promised features by the vendor and my opinion :

    • PRECISELY DESIGNED FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY S7: Precise cut-outs give you full access to all ports. Magnetic Tab Closure. : Strong enough magnet, precise cut-outs for camera purposes.
    • PRACTICAL & CONVENIENT: 2 in 1 Advance combination case use both as wallet and case. Magnetic Detachable housing gives freedom of using the Case independently. : I just love the magnetic detachable option since I can easily detach my device and put it in my car holder without any fusses.
    • 360 DEGREE FULL PROTECTION: by TPU Housing with Raised Edge keeps the screen from touching the ground. ANTI-SLIP Sides on the Housing gives extra protection from dropping off phone accidently. : If you accidentally drop your phone, I don't know if the magnet would be strong enough to hold your phone in the wallet case. I didn't drop it on purpose to test it, so can't comment more than what I just did based on the quality of the magnet and basic hypothesis, this is not an "army" quality case, but the shock absorbent rubberized TPU snap-on case for drop protection is of high quality compared to other models I have owned in the past, it is of higher quality than the other J&D wallet case.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made by Premium Synthetic Leather for long term durability. : I wouldn't say "premium", but good enough quality. All the seems look well done for average wear and tear usage.
    • PLENTY OF SPACE: for your belongings. : I can put up to 6-7 cards + folded money + 2-3 receipts and the cover still folds nicely
    • Built-in stand for horizontal media view : Does what it should and is more sturdy than other models I have owned. The angle is good and very practical.

    If you are looking for a nice looking, practical, magnet detachable with lots of card space wallet case, than I would recommend it, especially for the price I paid, it has a lot of great features and protection for this kind of case. Personally, I will try to find the same kind of wallet case and invest a bit more to either get a higher quality Premium Synthetic Leather or Real Waterproof Leather.

    I also own other kinds of device protection that are army graded, but this post wasn't about them

    Hope this helps and I look forward reading your own experiences and feedbacks on this post !
    02-12-2017 03:38 PM
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    Your original post was about glass screen protectors for the S7. You ended up buying flexible protectors and still haven't installed them and tell us how they work. Was this a shopping experience?

    You post what others have written and refer to S7 "experts". I only post from experience on products I have used hands on. I also get valuable information from this forum. Check my other posts, I try to pass on information I have learned from experience. I have used glass screen protectors on my last 4 phones and have spent money buying different ones and pass on what works. I apologize if you thought my comment was condenscending.

    I recommended the ishieldz glass protector ($40cdn) with the Griffin Journey case ($40cdn) combination as very good as this is what I am using on my S7.

    Quality and usability comes with a cost, which is why you and I have the S7. Looking forward to your comments on the spigen flexible film protector when you do get it installed.
    02-13-2017 08:39 AM

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