1. firedog1247's Avatar
    OK, I need some help with this one because its driving me crazy. Here's the deal. When I add a Lockscreen Notification app like HiLocker, Next, Picturesque, Echo or any of them, when I get a Voicemail and click on the Voicemail Icon and hit play, as soon as i move the phone to my ear the Voicemail stops playing and the phone locks. I have tried all the above mentioned, same result. I even did a Factory reset trying to fix it. I'm using a Galaxy S7 model SM-G930V Android Version 6.0.1. If I use the stock lock screen, which I hate, I don't have any problems with the Voicemail. Any help or advice would be great. Thanks.
    01-17-2017 08:11 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Have you already checked the settings of all of those lockscreen apps to see if anything there might help?
    01-17-2017 12:58 PM
  3. firedog1247's Avatar
    I've looked around and can't find anything that would make this work. It's odd that every single lock screen app does this with the voice mail. The only one I found that works is Nils, but it doesn't have any options that shows weather, wallpapers, shortcuts or calendar agenda on the lock screen. Its basically the stock lock screen with very minor stuff.
    01-17-2017 02:12 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Is this the voicemail phone number you're calling, or is it a Visual Voicemail app?
    01-17-2017 02:57 PM
  5. firedog1247's Avatar
    I'm guessing its the Visual Voicemail. Its a Verizon phone the Icon is red, has something that looks like a tape recorder on it and has voice mail under it
    01-17-2017 03:18 PM
  6. firedog1247's Avatar
    I think it has something to do with the proximity sensor. When I start the voicemail playback I can cover the sensor and it triggers the lock screen and the voicemail stops. If I use the speaker option it plays fine, but thats not a good option.
    01-17-2017 03:20 PM
  7. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I'm guessing it has to do with how the 3rd party lockscreen apps are being implemented. You might want to email the developer of one (or all) of those apps to see if they can modify it to ignore the proximity sensor.
    01-17-2017 04:17 PM
  8. RRHMJ23's Avatar
    I have the same problem. My phone is a LG G5 on tmobile
    01-25-2017 10:31 AM

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