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    Wanted to find some deleted videos on my device and found some aplications that needed root to work , so I installed odin , downloaded some root and flash device , odin said "PASS" but my S7 were stuck at booting screen(just showing logo) I restarted it ,tried everything from safe mode to factory reset , didn't boot , tried to flash one more time , it was stuck at connecting , so I made my phone brick , what can I do to fix this if I even can ? I know im ***** I had 0 skill with this but I was saving for a long time to get this phone and this shall not be our last moment. Model SM-G935F I was using root from rootjunkysdl site,(Samsung_G935x_EX_Rooted-BOOT.zip)
    02-28-2017 03:10 PM
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    It seems that the zip package (G935x) doesn't fit your G935F, which is a common cause of "bricking" (actually people don't call one phone bricked unless it is literally unable to power on). If you can still boot your phone into Download mode, you can flash another root zip package or a stock ROM for G935F.
    02-28-2017 07:05 PM

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