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    Hello everyone,

    Shortly before the jump to the newest OS the other day my messaging app started running fairly slow. So, I decided to clean up and delete most of my texts. However, as Im sure many of you are aware, the Verizon App backs up everything to their cloud, and messages like to reappear. So, this didnt really work. I knew that the app did update itself the day prior and I noticed that the new software had come out so I thought that by updating the Android OS, my problems would go away.

    I was very wrong. After updating Android's OS, trying to clear the cache, disable, enable, reinstall, etc, nothing seems to be fixing my problem. I have read solutions to similar problems and tried to mimic the processes used in those scenarios to fix my phone. However, I believe that this problem is localized to the recent update.

    Here's the funny thing, some of my texts will go through, some of them will not. Some texts will come in, some will not. I have nearly perfect service, wifi, and keep my phone in great shape. I also have tried to reach out to Verizon, but I need to be receiving texts ASAP. If anyone can offer some sort of a solution other than resetting my phone completely, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    03-20-2017 09:00 PM

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