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    We're starting an idea suggested by @sfoLAX. A simple thread that lists everyone's pros and cons about a specific device for the purpose of a potential buyer who wants a simplified look at current owner's opinions of it.

    Please do the following:
    1. Keep posts to a listing of pros and cons.
    2. You may list as many of either as you like.
    3. If you would like, you may add an overall purchase suggestion.

    -Good battery life
    -Sleek design
    -Beautiful screen

    -Physical size too big

    Overall: I would recommend buying this device.
    03-27-2017 11:35 AM
  2. buelowp's Avatar
    • Fast
    • Good size, but I have big hands. I like the overall form factor.
    • Nougat is growing on me
    • Samsung Pay, with the points and credit card emulation is all I use now.

    • Without a case, it's likely that any time you grab the phone, it will unlock and start something (I have swipe to unlock with my watch enabled). This is super annoying for me. I don't like cases though, and I need secure unlock for work email, so I'm sorta stuck.
    • Nougat update was a hassle. I think if Nougat was the original OS I got used to, I would have been pretty happy from the beginning. It took a few days to get stabilized, and then T-Mo pushed a security update, and things went wonky again. Stabilizing now, but I liked Marshmallow better.

    I suspect in a few months, I won't remember Marshmallow at all, and Nougat will be the de facto standard for me.
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    03-28-2017 08:55 AM
  3. cconn's Avatar
    - AMOLED Display is the best on the market.
    - Fits very well in the hand.
    - Great build quality.
    - Waterproof.
    - Samsung's plethora of features.
    - Quick crop of screenshots and quick access to the copy and paste clipboard. These may seem miniscule, but they're probably the handiest features on the device.
    - Enhanced battery saving features.
    - Micro SD slot.
    - Wireless charger.

    - Samsung's poor optimization of their hardware leaves the device operating slower than some other similar devices.
    - Samsung's UI feels heavy compared to more pure versions of Android.
    - Battery life isn't as good as some larger phones (such as the S7 Edge).
    - Fingerprint reader isn't as fast as other devices.
    - 5.1" display is starting to see small compared to the displays on phones like the LG G6, S8, etc.
    - Slow to receive software updates (although that's an issue practically every non-Pixel phone has)

    I think that's it.
    04-03-2017 01:28 PM

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