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    So i woke up this morning to the light of my samsung s7 turning on this morning. I didn't think much of it so i waited for it to turn on. When it did, it was at 76% and displayed a message saying that it couldn't fully charge because it had over heated. At this was not hot however, so i assumed it happened earlier. Before i could even attempt to unlock my phone, it turned off and started turning on again. When turned on, it make a weird crackle noise like when you pull headphones out of certain devices, and it turned of again. It kept repeating that process until i hard reset it. When i reset it, it stopped turning on and off, but every time i touch the screen, there are a seizure of vibrations. To make matters worse, when i finally got the phone open after like 2 minutes of trying to unlock it, the entire screen was zoomed in. I can't leave the homescreen and tapping things puts a blue box around it and then a seizure of vibrations. I've turned on safe mode, powered it off, and did just a reset and nothing seems to work. An update notification popped up so maybe that would help, IF THE SCREEN COULD ACTUALLY WORK TO LET ME START IT. This phone not even 6 months old and it hasn't suffered any drops or given me problems before, so i don't understand why all of this is happening all of the sudden. I really don't want to factory reset but i may have to.
    05-24-2017 06:39 AM

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