1. seanmwaple's Avatar
    So my google play store app is set to auto update my apps on wifi. I am always on wifi... it NEVER AUTO UPDATES!

    Only if I restart my phone or force it to update will it update the app... whats the ******* point of "auto update" if it doesnt update?

    And then it brings me to the next issue... when I force it to update.. it downloads the update file THEN SITS THERE ON "INSTALLING".. NEVER ACTUALLY INSTALLS ANYTHING.. JUST SITS THERE. UNTIL I RESTART THE PHONE OR CLEAR CACHE AND FORCE STOP
    06-14-2017 06:09 PM
  2. underway99's Avatar
    You said that you clear the cache and force stop the app. Which app?

    I think that I'd likely start with an assumption that you have either a permissions issue or your Google Play Services and/or Play Store are somehow corrupted. Permissions are easy to check. For those apps/functions to work as intended, you'll need to grant permission for everything they ask for.

    For a Play Services or Play Store issue, my approach would be to clear it all and start over. By that, I mean to force stop and clear the cache for both Play Store and Play Services. I would also disable both apps. In this case, it really means to uninstall the updates -- you can't make those apps completely disappear. You're ultimately just forcing them to reinstall their updates. Then shut down and clear the system cache.

    When your phone reboots, you'll probably have to login to Play Services again, and choose an account and login to the Play Store again. Both apps should update to their current versions. Then try to update something.
    06-14-2017 09:35 PM

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