1. ghost40's Avatar
    I know there are alot of threads on the issue, but I haven't found one that describes what is going on. Hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction.

    Galaxy S7 SM-G930V
    Android 7.0
    Build NRD90M.G930VVRS4BQC9

    Purchased this phone used, everything seemed to be working ok. I didn't notice any sounds since I usually keep my phones on vibrate 90% of the time. Except the alarms. After using a couple of hours, I noticed the loud speaker seemed to have stopped working. Then I noticed sound would come back. The sound is on and off through the day, I have confirmed it is only the loudspeaker as head phones, bluetooth and ear speaker works. I have tried just about everything I have found on the internet (see below). I did purchase and replace it with a new speaker and it has the same effect.The phone was in mint condition when I purchased it, no evidence of water damage or anything.

    It *seems* to happen the most (not always) when the screen lock kicks in and I unlock it. And sometimes that brings the sound back for 5 minutes as well. I am perplexed as to the cause.

    I am beginning to think this is software related, possibly even SIM (I swapped my iphone sim card to it since I came from Apple).

    What I've tried (some of them multiple times):
    -Full reset
    -Reset just settings
    -loud speaker replacement
    -wipe cache
    -Prevent USB audio routing
    -PSM changes
    -Removed Chrome
    -downloaded some audio app I found helped others
    -made sure the contacts were connecting to the speaker fully
    -"flexing" the case
    -volume on/off
    -turning off OK Google
    -Easy Mute turned off
    -removing all third party apps
    - clearing cached data

    I have also noticed, and it may not work on my phone, but dialing "*#0*#" or pressing Home and down/up volume keys, doesn't bring up a menu them I have seen in forums discussing this sound issue. Some type of options menu. Don't know if that helps.

    At this point I have ordered a used S7 with a cracked screen in hopes I can swap the logic boards.

    Open to ideas. Please let me know if you would like more information

    06-21-2017 10:36 AM
  2. Butterflynemesis's Avatar
    Hello there

    I have the same issue, sometimes the speaker works well, sometimes it crackles badly. I dont make phonecalls often, but last time I did, i got the feeling the same happens with the top speaker.

    Please keep me posted if you discover its a software issue. I'll do the same. This phone is rock solid overall; so its a real pity with this odd behaviour

    04-05-2018 02:57 AM

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