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    dropping calls in a few seconds. finally got thru to tech support late last night. the tech sent a signal to our phones and I thought that fixed the issue. I did a test call to my wife's phone today for 20 min--no problem. Then I made a business call and it dropped again. No outtages reported to Verizon for our cell tower. No complaints by my neighbors. I called my neighbor's iphone and his signal was 4 "bars" while my phone kept dropping the call (I was standing next to him).

    I had trouble the day I bought the phone, made a thread here about it. After a while, the problem just stopped, on it's own. That was back in 3/2016.

    No issues with dropped calls from 5/16 to a couple days ago.

    Since the monthly update (which we did within the last week), has anyone else had issues with dropped calls since you installed the monthly update?
    08-11-2017 11:17 AM

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