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    Quick question on backing up my camera files for photos/videos taken in special modes on Galaxy S7.

    In particular (for 2 of the modes I have used most so far) do motion panoramas and slo-mo videos store all their information in a single jpg/mp4 file? Or do I need to back up multiple files/folders if I want be able to retain all the features of these files if I then transfer them back from external storage on to the phone? Or do I need to export the panoramas as the image and video files from the share option before moving the files off my SD card? Is there any information anywhere on this kind of thing? I can only find details of how the modes work rather than how stored.

    I am moving images off my SD card to backup on external HDDs. (As I sort photos/videos on my PC with monitor before uploading to cloud storage and also keep a HDD backup of everything.)

    Finally I selected 'save raw and jpeg files' in the picture size rear settings but I can't see RAW files being saved anywhere. Are RAW files only saved in certain (pro?) camera modes? Or do I need a faster memory card?

    Thanks for help.
    08-27-2017 06:33 AM

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