1. aemidaniels's Avatar
    For the longest time, I have enjoyed the parallax effect that makes my flat wallpapers look mildly 3D. However, I have started using very customized wallpapers that are a pain in the rear to get in place. No matter what I do they simply do NOT resize properly, usually ending up as these massive blurry things or as a small picture swimming in a black ocean of nothing. I tried photoshopping the image onto a screenshot so that it was exactly the size of my screen, but that failed too. I even had to resort to some 3rd party apps to force the silly things in place. The only problem is, once I get it in there, the parallax effect makes it shunt off to one side of the screen everytime I sneeze or breathe or move. It's become incapable of centering itself properly leaving me with a mostly black screen and a sliver of picture that wobbles back and forth as I twist the phone.

    You could imagine that after all that effort, I would like my stupid picture to stay where I put it! I am hoping to just turn the blasted effect off and freeze the image in its proper centered position.

    This USED to be easy. Just had to navigate to wallpapers and turn off the motion effect. However, today my wallpapers and themes updated and now the screen is totally different, looking less like a "pick your wallpaper" and more like a google play store for wallpapers and themes. What's more, the option to turn off the motion is GONE. Like, totally non-existent. I have clicked every single pokable part of this weird new thing and that option has vanished off the face of the earth.

    Why do the people who make technology treat us like we are too stupid to handle customization options? Ugh.

    Regardless, I would REALLY rather not have to install yet another random useless app just to make my wallpapers stop sliding all over the place on me. Did the option get shunted somewhere else? I have my developer options open just in case maybe I could find it in there but no dice.
    09-07-2017 05:02 PM
  2. jamaica168's Avatar
    Access your wallpaper through the gallery app. Go to the 3 dot menu and pick set as wallpaoer. You will see the option then.
    09-11-2017 12:01 AM

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