1. Sean Fuji's Avatar
    after updating to Android 7.0, I constantly get a popup dialogue box that says "attention, data roaming is on. international roaming charges may apply. etc". I'm not taking about the notification that appears from the pull down menu on the status bar. this is a dialogue box that appears over the screen anywhere I am in the system. it happened at least 6 times today and only has two responses you can tap on. either you choose settings or cancel and neither dismiss it permanently. anyone else experiencing this?
    09-19-2017 11:36 AM
  2. Sean Fuji's Avatar
    here's a screenshot of the popup
    Attached Thumbnails Galaxy s7 android 7.0 frequent roaming popup dialogue box-screenshot_20170919-172703.png  
    09-19-2017 11:41 AM
  3. Blanca2204's Avatar
    I have the same issue. Just bought this Galaxy s7, and after all the updates it started to show this annoying pop up, with the same message. Also got another pop up message "Send USSD failed".
    09-19-2017 11:30 PM
  4. Blanca2204's Avatar
    Screenshot. Does anybody is having the same issue?
    Attached Thumbnails Galaxy s7 android 7.0 frequent roaming popup dialogue box-screenshot_20170919-132106.jpg  
    09-19-2017 11:35 PM

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