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    im just curious about the s7 water resist. so i tried to sink in the phone in my tub, the water is clear and probably 50cm heigh.

    after that im not find anything error, just muffled audio.

    3 hours later my battery gotten low so i decided to charge it.
    there appear the notification about moisture thing...
    well im try blowing up usb and audio port and try to charge again, the notif still appear...
    at this point im really forget about sim tray...
    after some try, the phone get charged with fast charging 1 hr 42 min from 10%
    after dat im unplug the charger and try the audio but it doesnt sound anything, i try with handsfree and the sound not coming out either.
    and i noticed the camera front and rear got condensed
    im try to rebooting the device... after reboot the notif "system proceed not responding". im clicking wait and try youtube.. the video didnot want to play. im trying play some game, the game is running but the sound not coming out..
    so im googling dat the "system proceed not responding" well i tried cache wiped... the system notif is disappear. but another notif appear " cpu monitor isn't responding" im googling dat but didnt find the solving...
    well so im turning off the device and go home
    i open the sim tray and it got soaked with some water...
    i see the LDI and got X X X X with pink background...
    my problem is the audio, the condensed camera and sometime the recent button get clicked itself...
    other than that. my lcd is fine, got signal, the button to check heart preasure is good too. power and volume button is dont have any problem too...

    now im got the phone dried up with rice in plastic bag...
    how long i should keep the phone on the rice??
    any suggestion to my problem? my warranty is already void, and on another country...
    if there is not good solution. maybe its the time to upgrade to S8
    10-04-2017 06:42 AM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    Step 1: Never ever ever intentionally submerge any phone. They're water resistant, not water proof. So far, as of 4 October 2017, there are no waterproof phones anywhere. The tests they do for water resistance certification are in pure, room temperature tap water with no chemicals and no motion.
    Step 2: Never ever ever charge a phone that has moisture on or in it.
    Step 3: Steps 1 and 2 should never be ignored.
    Step 4: Your device is probably bjorked. The rice thing doesn't do much of anything unless the device is immediately put into rice following contact with liquids/moisture. Typically it's going to be many hours.

    Good luck.
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    10-04-2017 04:55 PM

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