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    Hello all

    On the 4th of October I was using my Samsung S7 mobile phone as usual. The phone itself froze up and wasn't responding. I have not rooted the device (no pun intended) but had to do a hard reset. The phone did not come back on after turning off nor was it able to boot in safe mode. After several attempts, i felt the battery was getting really hot to the point i couldn't hold the phone. It was getting hotter rapidy and I took it upon myself to throw it off the balcony of my house to prevent any fire that may occur. It did not catch fire although I monitored this very closely outside to make sure. The phone was basically rendered useless as it had fried everything including the adhesive holding the back case on. In the throw it has sustained slight physical damage. I took he device to Samsung and showed a tech and he relayed everything saying it would most like;y be back in 3 days. Samsung has now backflipped and said I have to pay for the physical damage ($340aud) before they will even open it up and fix anything. The physical damage is a little dent in the frame of the phone and the rest is the phone case peeling off from the melted adhesive. I have stood firm and they have escalated the matter to the highest point they can in Australia to no prevail. I am now looking at my legal options and filing a lawsuit against them. I have mentioned several times in the process that I will do so but it is not an avenue I want to take. I just want my phone fixed. NO REMUNERATION - NO APOLOGY - NO EXCUSES - I just want my phone fixed. Anyway, I was wondering what you guys all think and has anyone else had this problem. TIA
    10-27-2017 04:08 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Batteries can fail or be defective, so it certainly sounds like your battery had something like a thermal runaway episode. Fortunately, it didn't catch fire or explode. However, the fact that you threw it out a window does cloud the issue. You can tell them what happened, but unless you have an actual video showing what happened, there's probably no way you can show definitive proof that the physical damage to the phone occurred after the battery problem. Any phone manufacturer will look for any sign of external damage when there is a warranty claim, and if they find any, it's very difficult to make a case that the accidental damage had nothing to do with the phone's failure.
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    10-27-2017 05:28 AM
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    As I work with warranties for a living I can tell you,

    If you told them ANYTING, even hinted about throwing it out a window, or any form of tossing/dropping. they will slam the door in your face all week. I have to be on the customers side in these arguments and honestly some of the crud they pull falls on us. A Sales rep may tell you your golden but they note everything and if the warranty department decides that you did something. such as throwing it off a balcony [why not just put it on the balcony outside and monitor] they will roll there eyes and deny it.

    Could also be the age of your phone. If it's out of warranty we will repair product and see if we can get something off, then if it turns out its a major issue we tend to refund anything paid in a fair aspect [mostly parts]

    But a lawsuit they will probably check everything you do, as well they are Samsung and they got money and lawyers and if [note if] they find this post they will be on your arse in a counter suit. Bad battery's happen,

    Did they say it would be a free repair or did they just say they would look at it?

    And as B.D said, any physical damage makes them immediately question the phone and the legitimacy of a claim. So many customers screw up there product and expect warranty to cover it, ALWAYS READ THE WARRANTy info! Knowing it could sway things your way, or screw you/
    10-31-2017 02:50 PM

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