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    Hello there,

    About 24 hours ago I had noticed an unknown "app" in my device's (settings > google settings > connected apps) and it was a picture of the green android/logo with the name, 'device app'. When I went to disconnect it, I was immediately logged out of my Google account, and no matter how many times I tried logging back in to try disconnecting it, the same process would start all over again, while it still remained connected. When I wen't to my google account settings for a security checkup, I noticed that my Galaxy S7 was listed twice in the section where it shows all connected devices to my account, when changing my password a couple times (& trying 2 step verification on one of those password changes) didn't work, i decided to factory reset. Well, since i had performed the hard reset about 15 min. after trying to secure my account, Google decided it would be best to lock me out of my phone for 24 hours. When I got back in after that time passed, there is now a device administrator called "UMC" with the 'deactivate' button greyed out, and the original device admin option that came with the phone is no longer there.

    And i apologize for not knowing where i saw this, as it's important information, but at some point after that 24 hour mark (while in device settings) i tried disabling something that had something to do with google play services, and I got a popup msg saying that it was unable to perform the task because Google play services was a device admin and then said something about UMC 'Knox Enrollment Services', I really wish I would have gotten a screenshot of that, but basically I guess I am just looking for any advice on what someone else would do in this situation, as I know there's not much a person can do, besides rooting which I don't even think there's an easy enough way for me to gain that access. I have only rooted 1 phone (my old S4) and this phone (Galaxy S7 / SM-G930VLUDU4CQH2 /Straight Talk tracfone on Verizon) which is just out of my league, unless I can get it switched over to AT&T, as i was going to do anyways because i can't stand Verizon. I tried reaching out to google but wasn't able to get very far as I don't have a 'G-suite account.' I am at a loss right now, what is the best option (besides rooting) once someone has taken over Knox and Google Play services? haha. Throw it in the dumpster?

    Thanks for the time.
    12-15-2017 03:49 AM
  2. Dano1200r's Avatar
    Go to a desktop computer. Do you have a Samsung account set up also? Go to your Google account from the pc and what does it say?
    12-15-2017 06:55 AM

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