1. Earl_R's Avatar
    Finally figured it out, wanted to share with others. I am running Outlook and Outlook Exchange from my Samsung S7, and had a heck of a time deleting an incorrectly entered email address from my autofill cache. (or wherever it is actually stored). Couldn't find the incorrect email address anywhere, and even deleted all the "Contacts" from the native Contact app (which I try not to use but it keeps getting entries for some unknown reason). In the end the email address wasn't in an autofill cache but rather in a hidden email list in Outlook. Saw another forum suggestion somewhere, and tried following which finally led me to the culprit;

    open outlook app
    select the pencil to open a send a new email
    make sure cursor is in "To" field
    start to type the bogus email address, autofill pops up
    tap/select the bogus email address, it pops into the "To" field
    tap/select the bogus email address in the To field, it should highlight/backlight
    tap/select the email address after it is back lit (ahh the magic trick) to open the contact
    scroll to bottom and you should see an "Edit" pencil
    select Edit
    scroll down and you should see the bogus email address
    deleeete it!

    If you don't see it, try going to the top of the screen and see if you have multiple Accounts listed at the top - I had "Exchange Activesync" as well as "Outlook" running. (How? Why? I have NO clue. if you know how/why please let me know!).

    Scroll over and check other account(s).

    Select other account.

    Scroll down and delete the little b&*st$rd! If you see the "View More" label, click on it an make sure it isn't hiding under there.

    Rinse and repeat for all accounts.
    12-16-2017 07:06 PM
  2. joe weed's Avatar
    Anyone know how to do this on Gmail?
    02-20-2018 12:57 PM
  3. Richard Lanouette's Avatar
    Anyone know how to do this on Gmail?
    The only way I found, since it was not an email from my Contacts was to go to the Application Manager under setup, then select GMail, select Storage, then click Clear Data.
    04-02-2018 10:19 PM
  4. oddjobs2do's Avatar
    So Close on this, I thought it would work...but allas, no pencil in the contact, just an option to favorite and add to contacts
    08-01-2019 11:32 AM

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