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    Right now, I have a Galaxy S7 and I see that it is exchanging data over LTE even when I am on my home wifi. On iPhone, there was a switch called wifi assistance (translation from French "assistance wi-fi") that you could just turn off to prevent this. Also, on iPhone, when I was not on wifi, whenever I initiated an action which required Internet, the phone would ask me which wifi network I wanted to use or if I just wanted to use my cellular data. This was kind of the alert telling me that the phone was now exchanging cellular data. Also, for some apps which I wanted to update even when not on wifi (e.g. emails), I could manually set them to use the data whenever they wanted.

    Right now, I have a lot of trouble understanding how my phone manages the data usage. It keeps using the cellular data even when on wifi. I see I can prevent data usage for some apps, but this is not what I want... I want to prevent data usage only when not on wifi, and to allow some apps to use data, but only when not on wifi. Also, I want some apps to use the data when not on wifi when I manually start them, but not when on idle...

    Not sure if my explanations are clear. Don't hesitate to ask me questions if you don't understand me!

    12-27-2017 12:50 PM

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