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    I'm a recent convert from apple and purchased a galaxy s7. I'm a big fan of voice commands and found the google assistant to be very helpful. Problem i'm having is with getting the assistant to engage while issuing the voice command of "okay google" when i'm listening to music or when using the waze (my preferred gps on phone). the google assistance works pretty well in all other circumstances. the darn thing just wont respond to my "okay google" command with those apps running.

    This is a real pain while i'm driving and trying to go hands free. if i'm listening to music or have the gps loaded and try to get "okay google" to make a phone call, i have to pause those apps, then voice command the "okay google" (which basically causes me to not be hands free).

    Is this something thats just a "bug" with the S7, or is there a fix that anyone knows of?


    01-07-2018 10:34 AM
  2. Scott C3's Avatar
    Got the waze thing figured out. Waze has a setting that allow you to say "okay waze" and give it a voice command for directions. with that setting on, it seems to have a conflict with okay google. Turn that setting off, and you can use "okay google" with waze running. i still cant figure out a way to use "okay google" when the music player is on. I tried google play and blackplayer and got the same result. this does not happen when using a streaming service like pandora though. so the music app has to be resident on the device for the problem to occur.

    Given the number of replies to the post, i must be the minority trying to use this functionality..

    01-09-2018 01:02 PM

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