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    Looking for some assistance with a display issue on my S7 that just started yesterday evening. I went to use my S7 and noticed that the display colors looked a bit "off" from normal - almost as if the blue light filter was on except, it wasn't. I increased the brightness but that just made it worse. The blacks are no longer a deep, rich black but instead like a very dark green. The whites are muted too, slightly greenish.

    I restarted the phone and when the home page came up, the colors looked normal and vibrant again...but within 10 seconds it noticably switched instantly from the virbrant colors to a muted and dull color tone. Changing themes does not make things better. The same washed out colors appear no matter what theme I use. What's odd is that when I go to change the Theme, the "applying theme" window has vibrant whites and rich black. But when the theme is applied, colors are all washed out.

    I have tried changing from adaptive display and using AMOLED cinema and photo or Basic but that doesn't solve the issue. I've turned off auto brightness and then restarted but that doesn't resolve it either. Every time I restart, within 10 seconds after the home page loads the colors just go to a washed out and dull state.

    Anyone seen this type of behavior before and/or know how to resolve it without doing a factory reset? I did nothing to the phone when this behavior started. I simply picked it up to use it and noticed the display colors appeared "off" from what I was used to seeing.

    Thank you.
    S7 display is dull / colors appear muted or washed out and cloudy-side-side_01_small.jpg

    S7 display is dull / colors appear muted or washed out and cloudy-side-side_02_small.jpg
    01-24-2018 06:18 PM

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